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>I think Cousin Larry would be more interesting to see with this newest band of misfits. I enjoyed the first season of Surreal Life on the WB. Corey Feldman was the only real freak in that cast. I can only handle one or two freaks per show. The show jumped the shark in its second season. I wanted to watch Ponch take on Vanilla Ice, but Vanilla was just too stupid for me to watch on a regular basis. Not to mention that over the top weirdo Tracy Bingham. There weren’t enough likable people in that cast.

Finally Season 3 started, and I held out hope that the producers returned to the original format since the show was on a new network. At that point, I had yet to realize that nothing VH1 put out in the past 5 years was any good. Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) was the only normal person in the house. I already assume celebrities are nuts. I want to see them being normal with maybe one or two nutbars thrown in to stir the pot. I don’t want to see one or two normal people having to deal with the egos and disorders of everyone else.

Then Season 4 started…I admit, I was drawn in by Pete Brady. I watched an episode or two without getting annoyed too much. Then I saw the previews for upcoming episodes. The wheels totally fell off in the next few episodes. Jane Weidlen was crying about cows while wearing leather. That wrestler chick was jumping around waking people up. Da Brat seemed normal. Markus Schekenburger blended in with the wallpaper. Mini Me was too disturbing to talk about. That Adrienne model chick was annoying and loaded with baggage. Forget it. I’d rather watch the Weather Channel.

Basically, I hold no hope of the 5th installment of the Surreal Life being entertaining in any way shape or form. Hell, I don’t even know who half of the cast members are.

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  1. 8ZERO8

    >I can’t wait to see Canseco try sell all of them roids. by the end of the show even that chick from The Apprentice will have 24-inch biceps.


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