>Sunday Night Blues

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>I’ve got them and it’s only noon. It’s been a while since I’ve been hit with a bout of the blues. Part of me wants to jump into a new job right away. Another part of me just wants to coast into the next quarter.

If I had money saved up somewhere or won the lottery, I’d take the time to write more than just for this blog. I’d actually try and submit pieces to get published on paper.

Here’s my real plan:

December 2006 – Make a list of industries and careers I’d like to get into. Research the top 5.
Jan 2007 – Take any classes or tests for licensing if needed.
Feb 2007 – Look for a new job.

I’ve been reconsidering my stance on government jobs. There are crazy people in every industry. It seems like with government jobs the odds of being laid off or fired are in my favor.

2 thoughts on “>Sunday Night Blues

  1. Butchieboy

    >Hopefully a bunch of creepy dudes will leave you comments like this:

    *hugs* I wish I could be there with you to keep you company. No one as beautiful as you should ever have to spend a sunday night alone.
    *more hugs*


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