>The summer of 3s

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>It looks like I’ll be getting out of work early tomorrow. In order to celebrate the beginning of summer, I think I’ll go see a movie. But, which one?

Do I faced the crowds that will inevitably flock to Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Has Spider-man 3 been out long enough that I could be assured of having most of the theater to myself? Shrek 3 is out. Avoiding kids is my main goal and I have a feeling that show will be cram packed with them.

Then again, I might wait a couple weeks and go check out Ocean’s 13.

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  1. ajooja

    >You should be able to get in to see Spiderman III wothout a fight.

    I thought was just “OK.” My wife and son liked it more than me.

    I’m waiting for Shrek III to come out on DVD, but we’ll probably see Pirates III sometime this weekend.

    The critics have been about mixed on Pirates as they were on Spiderman, so I’m not expecting much.

    I can’t wait for Ocean’s 13. I like that kind of film. I like those characters.


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