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>I’m sure you’ve heard about the teenagers at KFC who were bathing in the sink, then took pictures of it and posted it on a MySpace page. If one of those gals were my daughter, her social life would be completely over. The hammer would come down hard. No extracurricular activities at all. No cell phone, definitely no computer. She couldn’t even watch television without me being in the room. If she’s going to act like a child, she will be treated like one until I can trust her again to behave maturely.

Not only did she act like a dumbass at work, but she was stupid enough to get the antics shown on the national news. It’s one thing to do stupid stuff as a teenager and get in trouble for it. It’s a whole new level of stupidity to get reported on the national networks.

And don’t give me some sob story about coming from a broken home or whatever. If you are mature enough to get a job, you should be mature enough to use some common sense.

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