>Study: Pregnancy May Not Help Depression – Yahoo! News

>No duh.

Who the hell thought pregnant women don’t get depressed? Isn’t PMS connected to pregnancy in a round about way? I mean both situations have hormones running amok. All I know is that I get depressed when I’m pre-menstrual. I can’t imagine how nutty I’d get should I ever find myself pregnant.

Pregnancy scares me. Actually, it’s the birth and raising the child that scares me. Still, pregnancy can’t be a picnic.

7 thoughts on “>Study: Pregnancy May Not Help Depression – Yahoo! News

  1. gigi

    >Trust me, pregnancy is no picnic. Do you have trouble with your sciatic nerve? No? Get pregnant and you will. Hope you don’t like those rings you wear – cos you ain’t gonna be wearing them for atleast 9 more months. Have skinny feet? Not anymore. Do you like pizza, Chinese food, and parmesan cheese? I hope not – you won’t be eating them. And I sure hope Tylenol takes care of your aches and pains – because that’s all you can relieve them with. And just wait until the baby is big enough to tuck it’s adorable little fetus feet under your ribs…

  2. gigi

    >i breastfed my daughter for about a month. it helped me lose weight, and kept my tits pretty big – which was good for distracting from the 50 extra pounds i was still carrying around.

    but it’s not convenient at all and it’s quite embarrassing to start leaking milk in public.

  3. SFChick74

    >Hmmm. Ok, I can see the advantage of having larger breasts without the need for surgery, but I’ve heard way too many horror stories about what the kid will do to your nipples for it to be an option.


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