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>Certain jobs really don’t need to strike, for example the Writer’s Guild. What’s wrong? Are they making you use laptops with Windows 98 or giving you Sanka instead of freshly brewed Starbucks? Boo freaking hoo!

The reality is that no one is going to feel bad for writers. Gee, you get to sit around and write shit all day. That’s tough. It’s not like you are out there saving lives, fighting fires, or risking your life to protect the general public. Hell, most of you aren’t even doing anything educational! It’s not like your working conditions are hazardous to your health.

Suck it up and get your asses back to work. You should be happy you don’t have a real job. Get your asses in the 8 to 5 grind and MAYBE I can muster up some sympathy.

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