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>Work is killing me dead. I go from having nothing to do but play pinball on my computer to having these propeller heads breathing down my neck because they looking for information about my branch, so they can sell it and I can lose my job.

Then a friend of mine who just gave birth (through C-Section) to twins last week was back in the hospital last night. She felt a weird tightness in her chest and left arm for the past few days. At the urging of her husband, they went to the emergency room. At first, the doctor thought she had an enlarged heart. Apparently, this can happen to some women after they have a baby. The cardiologist wanted to be sure nothing else was wrong, so my friend was scheduled for a angiogram today.

During the angiogram, they found that my friend had a tear in her artery. Basically, it was shredded. They rushed her into surgery where she only had a 50/50 chance of surviving. Through some miracle, the stints they put in worked and she survived the surgery.

It all seems like a nightmare. One moment she’s enjoying her newborns, the next she’s in the hospital fighting for her life. She actually had a heart attack the day she left the hospital after she gave birth. She won’t be able to get pregnant again. The doctor’s think she has a defect and that another pregnancy would put so much strain on her system that it would kill her. She has to get her tubes tied as soon as she recovers from the laproscopic surgery she just had.

This girl is my age and seemed to be the picture of health. She didn’t over eat, didn’t smoke, didn’t do drugs. Now she’s a heart patient. It’s just insane how quickly life can change.

If things keep up like this, I will be an alcoholic by the end of the month.

5 thoughts on “>Stress limit reached

  1. Timmy

    >wow – hope everything works out ok for your friend. Life has a strange way of throwing curve balls.

  2. SFChick74

    >Not that I should drink more, but I might tread down that path if the stress level continues.

    Actually, I’ve stopped eating. Not altogether, just no dinner. I’m too damn tired to eat when I get home.


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