>Stormy weather

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>Holy crap. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. The wind was like a Mack truck chugging past my bedroom window.

There isn't much rain, yet. It's the wind that scares me anyway. The power has been fluctuating all morning.

Debris is littered on all the roads. There is a power line down on Arden. One of many such hazards I'm sure.

I have no idea how I did it, but I made it into the office. It's better than sitting home alone wondering if some random tree is about to fly through my sliding door.

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>Stormy Weather

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>Apparently, a large storm is headed towards Nor Cal tonight. It has started raining, so I guess it’s here. The local news talks about nothing but the river levels and flood possibilities. They are also predicting a good foot or two of snow in the mountains. Since I don’t ski or snowboard, I really don’t care.

The usual “Sierra Winter Storm 2005” type pieces will start being a regular part of the 11:00 news. Some new guy from channel 13 or whatever will be the lucky one up in Blue Canyon standing by the side of the highway in the blizzard telling people to get chains for their cars or to just stay home. I just want the dude to snap and start making Donner Party jokes. They never do though.

This severe weather statement or whatever it is seems a little odd. It starts off with…SIGNIFICANT STORM MOVING INTO NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WITHMORE RAIN AND SNOW ON TAP FOR THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND… Then it goes on to say that there is a flood watch in effect for the entire interior of Northern California, up to 6 inches of rain are expected. Then it’s finished up with HAPPY NEW YEARS 2006.

Yeah, thanks.

Is it sad that I’ve got nothing else to write about except the weather? I need to get out more.

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  1. SFChick74

    >It didn’t start getting frightful until about 2:30 today. Aside from the threat of flooding, my DirecTV gets all jacked up when a big storm moves through. I can only get local channels.


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