>Sprawly, sprawly, sprawl, sprawl

>Or should we call it Smooth Move, Ex-Lax?

The Placer County Supervisors approved the development of 14,000 houses in some farmland west of Roseville. Really? Apparently you guys don’t like your jobs very much, do you? Or are you just that clueless about the current residential real estate market?

Granted, I know that it probably will take a good 10 years before those houses are built, but the timing of the approval is really bad. The article says 20, but we all know it won’t take that long. We also know that the roads certainly won’t be able to handle the increase in traffic.

Did they put into place any taxes that would help pay for the new infrastructure that all these people will be using? Because that land is way the hell out in the middle of nowhere (west of where Google puts the pointer and just north of Elverta). I can’t even figure out which freeway will be more impacted, I-80 or I-5.

While I’m all for new houses and I know that all these kids people won’t stop having will someday grow up and need their own home, I still think Tsakopoulos & Co. screwed the pooch on this one. Maybe, it’s just bad timing on their part. It looks like this plan has been in the works for a long time.

One of the supervisors said, “that development in the area is part of the county’s general plan that was adopted in 1994.” 13 years ago, Arco Arena was out in the middle of nowhere. Now just look at all the houses and apartments around it. I would hope that the supervisors are smart enough to realize that decisions made 13 years ago might need to be changed to fit the current state of things.

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