>Special Election?

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>I didn’t realize that there was no one running for office this year. I thought every year there was some district selectman trying to achieve civic greatness. Apparently, there was nothing this year. So, tomorrow all I have to vote on are some random initiatives. I try to take into consideration who is sponsoring the Yes and No sides, as well as the actual impact of the new rules. My philosophy for voting on initiatives is to vote No if I don’t fully understand it and/or its possible affects. I guess it’s a trust issue. I don’t want to vote for something I couldn’t live with.

4 thoughts on “>Special Election?

  1. pop renaissance

    >at least you vote. that’s most important.

    and good luck with sac. i lived there for 3 years – it was the best 6 months of my life.

  2. Sonic Reducer

    >I missed the election here. First one I’ve missed in 20 years. Oh well. As DLR sang…Life goes on without me.


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