>Something’s Rotten in Sacramento

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>This afternoon I was at work reading about how Ron Artest is officially a Sacramento King. I was reading the article in the Sacramento Bee (online). The article had quotes from Ron Artest and his agent which were conflicting. Apparently yesterday the agent, Mark Stevens, said something along the lines of how his client would not be happy in Sacramento. Then they had a more recent quote saying that his client was looking forward to being in Sacramento.

I just went to the Bee to find the quotes and they have mysteriously disappeared. So either the Bee screwed up and printed something that was incorrect, or someone has decided to tow the party line and make it seem like Artest is all happy and ready to come to Sacto. Why would he be happy to come to Sacto? It’s not like the team is any good. It’s not like it’s some cool hip metropolis like Los Angeles.

4 thoughts on “>Something’s Rotten in Sacramento

  1. SFChick74

    >Good point.

    I’ll bet the only reason he decided to join up is because the Kings might be moving to Anaheim next season. You watch!


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