>So, what is negotiable?

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>Because I have a renewed sense of determination not to be single anymore, I’m looking at Match.com again for companionship. It’s not my only means of looking for a date, but it’s a start.

The problem is that someone who looks good on paper (or the Internet equivalent) does not always mean they are worth my dating time. Then again, the guy who I might not look at twice on a dating site might just be a great catch.

Of course, there are those weird little quirks I have about people. Do I date a guy who looks like we’d have a good deal in common, but says that his favorite band of all time is Nirvana? Because mostly, I can’t stand Nirvana. I guess if that’s combined with something like Coldplay and Dave Matthews then it’s a definite no go.

3 thoughts on “>So, what is negotiable?

  1. ajooja

    >I think you need to be a little forgiving at first. I always said I’d never even date a smoker, much less marry one.

    My wife smoked when we met, but she quit almost immediately after we met. She changed for me.

    Some things you can’t change — like Nirvana, yuck! — but it is possible.

  2. gigi

    >i met my husband on match.com.

    granted, i had to go through three different weirdos first, but he was a weirdo with taste.

    i have a battery of questions that i think are important deciding factors in whether or not i could be compatible with someone. i can share them with you, if’n you’d like.

  3. Nick

    >I have a battery in my pants. I just hope you don’t stop writing once you find that special someone. Don’t be like me.


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