>Snob Hill?

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>Does every major city have a social rag like the Nob Hill Gazette? I am really middle class because this publication appeals to me only for fodder of which to make fun. It’s just ridiculous.

Every February they come out with this list of eligible singles in San Francisco. Please take a look for yourself and have a good laugh.

Here’s another page of interest. Did you know there is an International Guild of Butlers? Excuse me while my eyes roll around in my head.

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  1. Mike Abernathy

    >>>>John Traina; ardent Fabergé collector & popular escort< << Well, not being from the Bay Area (though an occassional traveller thorugh it), I am left with only my imagination to wonder why I didn’t choose to be an “escort” if that means I could afford to collect Fabergé. Imagine the pickup lines though: “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but notice your egg….” Ah well, the likes of me is not one that graces “eligible” lists. Just as well – those hunting for such eligibles are probably not exactly the cream of the crop themselves. Amusing stuff. =)


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