>The smell of chocolate cake hung in the air.

>After a glass of Chardonnay, I decided that I needed something sweet, so I baked a cake. I did have cake not more than 4 days ago, but still I craved it.

Damn! I just remembered I have some laundry to hang up. Just when I was snuggling into my easy chair with a second glass of wine, I have to get up.

I forgot where I was going with this post. Oh well. There’s a minute of your life you won’t get back.

4 thoughts on “>The smell of chocolate cake hung in the air.

  1. Nick

    >More than a minute, actually. Because I had to reread this post to figure out what was going on… I still haven’t figured it out but I like the fact you’ll write when you’re drunk.

  2. Doug

    >Price Club makes an awesome chocolate/chocolate cake. You need to invite all your friends over though, as it’s huge. My addiction is the Jell-O Cheesecake in a box. I plow through one of those mothers any time of day. When I want to class it up I go for Crème Brule. I’ve had CB at probably 3 dozen places and the best I ever had was when I was staying at the Disney’s Coronado hotel in Orlando. Disney’s touristy themed restaurant has beat many respectable fooderies.

  3. SFChick74

    >LOL! Well, at least my drunk posts don’t involve professing my undying love or cussing someone out.


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