>Sighing in relief!

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>I have a reason to celebrate today. I got a new job! No more worrying about when I might get laid off. My stress level has plummeted back to the normal range. Now I can focus on the silly things like learning the quirks of a whole new set of people. Luckily, I’ll be in the same building I currently work in, so I won’t have to figure out a new commute.

Does anyone know when the Extreme Pizza opened up in Sacramento? That is one of my favorite pizza places. Finally, I can get a Ragin’ Rooster or a Paia Pie!

3 thoughts on “>Sighing in relief!

  1. SFChick74

    >Thanks. So much has been happening over these past few weeks that I’m kinda overwhelmed. The reality of me having a new job is slowly sinking in.

  2. Doug

    >Nice going on the new job but more importantly enlighten me a little about Extreme Pizza. I dig Roma’s and have never heard of EP. Is it really good pizza or just a cool atmosphere/menu? Can I call in an order, not pick it up and then arrive moments later using a different name ready to buy a discounted pizza that is already made?


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