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>Is this P. Diddy’s long lost cousin?

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Shawn Diddy – On-air talent at the Shop at Home Network

As a teen, Shawn Diddy sang at fairs and city celebrations; as a young woman, she was crowned Miss Iowa USA. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Northern Iowa and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from Towson University. Shawn has appeared in theater, on television and in film. Currently, her interests include writing and performing country music, and caring for her daughter Merrill and cat Shadow.

2 thoughts on “>Shop at Home Network

  1. Jay

    >OMG! I think you just uncovered something that could be huge.. It’s a good thing you are up in Sac and had a chance to watch the “Shop at Home Network”. Ohhkay.. On a serious note, I can definitely see some similarities.. If not 1st cousins, they are probably 2nd cousins.. ROTFL

    BTW, “gullywasher” <-- Should be word of the day! You are workin it SF Chick! 😉


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