>Shamrock Shake, Anyone?

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>I went to McDonald’s today in search of a Shamrock Shake. Apparently, they don’t have them anymore. I pull up to the drive through and they have the usual chocolate, strawberry, vanilla listed. Then in the corner of the shake listing they have “Try Eggnog!” What the hell? It’s March! Nobody wants nog anymore…they want faux minty green goodness.

Back at the office and googled Shamrock Shake, just to make sure it wasn’t all a figment of my imagination. Lo and behold, Uncle O’Grimacey:

I don’t remember this character from McDonaldland. What ever happened to creating new characters for McDonaldland? The last one I can remember was that lame ass bird with the pilot gear. Maybe it’s a good thing they stopped creating characters. They would have come up with some stupid salad eating rabbit who always reminded kids to eat their veggies. Who wants to eat veggies from McDonalds?

4 thoughts on “>Shamrock Shake, Anyone?

  1. christhestampede

    >HAD to comment on this one. Back in my days as a McDonald’s employee, some of my friends and I were bored one night, so we decided to call the corperate office. The following are two of the questions I can remember us asking a foreign operator:

    “So, if Ronald McDonald dies, who takes over McDonaldLand? I mean, would Mayor McCheese step up, or would there be an election of some sort?”

    “What the FUCK is Grimace?”
    lol… the answer to that was “He’s a t’ing… he’s a big, um, purple t’ing.” So McDonald’s official stance is that Grimace is “a big purple thing.”

  2. Notsocranky Yankee

    >Ahh, the shamrock shake. They don’t have them anymore? That Irish Grimace is a little creepy. I think the Hamburglar could have pulled it off better.

    I agree. Mcdonald’s isn’t where I go for veggies either.

  3. copygodd

    >when i was a wee laddie, i begged my parents to buy me a shamrock shake. i thought it would taste like lime. i don’t have to tell you, it tasted like f’in spearmint! (although i just did.)

    wtf?! who wants a spearmint shake?!

    that is way too close to milk of magnesia…


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