>Safeway, totally lame.

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>Is it just the one I went to this weekend or are all of them going down hill? I was there at 8:00 on a Saturday morning and they didn’t have any donuts. Clearly an indication that your management has gone awry. Not to mention all of the crap in most of the aisles since they were still trying to re-stock everything. It lends an air of chaos to the store that isn’t conducive to the shopping experience. Plus, there was still the issue with them selling expired food. If milk expires today, no one is going to buy it tomorrow!

Compare this to Bel Air. At the same time of day, there are only one or two people re-stocking a couple of things. They don’t take up half an aisle in the process. There is an air of calm that makes me want to wander the aisles and buy stuff I don’t need, but simply want. And the prices are not that much higher than Safeway. In fact, I saw a couple of things that were lower and not on sale in order to achieve that price.

It didn’t help that while I was loading my grocery purchase into my trunk, some random dude tried to scam me out of money in the Safeway parking lot. Thank you for reminding me why I never make eye contact and ignore most people’s existence whenever I venture out in public.

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