>A sad day for local music

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>This weekend, I was supposed to go up to Sacramento to see the Atomic Punks. I ended up not going because I had spent most of the day packing and cleaning, so I was just too tired to do much aside from watch TV.

This morning I get a call from Maria, “The Roadhouse closed.”

I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve seen in that place. I even made some really good friends there. It was one of the few places left that still had quasi-famous acts (Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, George Lynch of Dokken, and Warrant without Jani Lane) not to mention the Atomic Punks played there on a regular basis. Plus, it was a great place to check out local bands. I can only hope there is some as yet undiscovered venue which will take up the slack.

Somewhere Patrick Swayze is crying…

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