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>Have you seen this series on BBC America? While I enjoy it, some of the anachronisms throw me off. Maid Marian has WAY too much eyeliner on for the 13th century. In the first few episodes, the weird editing was a little off putting. There were so many quick cuts in the action sequences that I got a headache.

I only kept watching because the cat who plays Robin is kinda hot. Plus, I enjoy the Robin Hood story. The casting in this show is definitely better than that movie starring Kevin Costner.

2 thoughts on “>Robin Hood

  1. Doug

    >Can’t get geeked up over stories like Robin Hood as they’ve been retold too many times. I’ll skip the hot RH and move over to the eyeliner overdosed MM. Nothing wrong with a little old-tyme Go Go dancing wench. Just a note that the chocolate bunny at the top of this page would be steamrolled in a taste contest against Cadbury eggs (either the smalled hard shelled type or yolk innards version). Goodbye hollow bunny, hello flavor.

  2. SFChick74

    >I agree. Cadbury eggs (both kinds) kick all kinds of Easter candy ass. Although, the Reeses Peanut Butter eggs come in a close second.


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