>Road Trip to the Southland

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>Here I am in the southern reaches of the state. I call everything down here LA. I’m not really in LA proper. It doesn’t matter to me because this place is like one continuous city. Anyway, we are here because my dad has some conference to attend. My mom wanted to accompany him, so I decided to invite myself along. Mostly because I was promised a trip to Disneyland.

One thing I have observed about the folks down here is that they can’t drive. They are all backwards. When the light turns yellow they speed up. When the light turns green they just sit there…waiting for a sign from God (or my honking horn). It’s not just the drivers, but the fact that you can’t make a left on a heavily travelled boulevard cars without the assistance of a green arrow. You just have to sit there until the light turns yellow. Pull out into the intersection and turn when the light turns read.

What else amazes me is that there are none of those cameras that give tickets to people who run red lights. The whole area is rampant with red light runners and yet I have yet to find one intersection manned by a camera.

More to come tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “>Road Trip to the Southland

  1. G-Man

    >I hate big cities. The larger they are the more alienated I feel. I tend to focus on all the shit that big cities are subject to: homeless people, dirty buildings that block a smog filled sky, faceless people who move as if robotic, underground transit that triggers images of H. G. Wells’, The Time Machine with creatures that are home in the underworld of darkness, and tonnes of other depressing crap.
    And I’d rather have genital herpes than live in L.A.
    Have a nice day;)

  2. Nick

    >I don’t G-man has ever been to Dallas or San Diego. Some big cities are not so bad. That’s not why I’m posting, though. I’m posting to say that I’ve been to Disneyland too. It was a long time ago and I remember very little except that the “It’s a Small World” ride annoyed me.


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