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>I don’t get this place I’m working at. I have not been made an offer of permanent employment and yet, this afternoon they bought pies to celebrate my birthday. Someone went to Marie Calendars and obtained a lemon meringue, a German chocolate, and a Dutch apple pie. Then, all of the secretaries gathered in the break room and sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to me. I almost died of embarrassment.

While I appreciate free baked goods as well as good cheer, I don’t understand why my supervisor would do this if she isn’t going to hire me. Unless she was just looking for an excuse to buy pie, but then again, who isn’t looking for an excuse to buy pie?

I didn’t even tell my supervisor that it was my birthday. While I will sing it from the roof tops in this forum, I won’t tell people in reality unless it comes up in conversation. Which it did…I was listening to my new iPod mini and the intern, Mandy, asked where I got it. So, I told her… My only guess is that she was the one looking for the pie excuse.

Another way this place is odd…I’m used to the family like atmosphere of a small company. I’m used to being able to speak my mind, within reason of course. I never worried that someone was going to stab me in the back or misconstrue my sarcasm.

I was talking to the intern, Mandy, about the new offices that they are going to be moving into. I asked her if they were bigger or smaller. We were trying to manage the filing system since the last person in my position couldn’t grasp the basics of the alphabet. Mandy tells me that they are smaller. So I said something like, “That’s a shame.” Thinking of having to cram all these files into a smaller space isn’t appealing.

She says in a low voice, “Yeah, but it’s just nice to have a job.” What the hell does that mean? Who gives a shit? I’m not saying that we should have the biggest space in the whole kingdom. No one wants to move into a smaller place unless they are trying to save money. What the hell is wrong with these people?

5 thoughts on “>Revolution Calling

  1. indygirl

    >Ah shit, they put your first dose of mind-control pills in your pie. You too will soon think “it’s just nice to have a job.” Indeed, it is…

  2. Nick

    >I think that anonymous below is some joker just trying to scare you… i personally don’t see why “it’s just nice to have a job.” No, it isn’t. I’m sans a job for months now and it’s GREAT!

  3. SFChick74

    >Is freakytown near funkytown?

    I avoided the mind control pills. They put those in the lemon meringue.


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