>Redneck Games Celebrate 10th Anniversary – Yahoo! News

>There’s also hubcap hurling — think junkyard discus — and redneck horseshoes, played with toilet seats. The most competitive sport, however, is bobbing for pig feet, where contenders dunk their heads in tubs of water to see how fast they can remove raw pork shanks with their teeth.

Gnarly! Bobbing for pigs feet? More like trichinosis roulette. I don’t even want to know what the butt crack competition is all about.

Frank L. Fraser, publisher of Redneck World magazine, sees the games as another example — alongside the popularity of country music, NASCAR and the comedy television show “Blue Collar TV” — of folks embracing their inner good-ole-boy without the baggage of racist stereotypes. There really is a Redneck World magazine? That seriously sounds like a joke.

Well, I guess if you’re bored and in the area you might want to check it out. Personally, I can find about a thousand other things I would rather do. Going to a Dave Matthews concert, for example…one of my own private hells.

2 thoughts on “>Redneck Games Celebrate 10th Anniversary – Yahoo! News

  1. indygirl

    >Ha! That is a private hell of my own too. I have been afraid to say that in the past. People are so sensitive about their “Dave.”


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