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>I just realized that Mercury is in retrograde and has been since the 23rd of July. No wonder I can’t seem to get into the writing thing. I’ll just blame it on that.

Yesterday, I went to a writer’s conference at Sac State and realized that I don’t want to write a novel. I was doing a freewriting exercise about character development and I just didn’t get excited about it. I’ve tried my hand at writing short stories, but it never felt natural. I realized that what I most want to be is a columnist. I want to write articles on travel and movies. I want to complain about the shitty job the government is doing. I want to praise the stranger who paid my toll on the bridge. I don’t care about story arcs and plot points. I’m fairly self-centered when it comes to writing. It’s all about me.

I also realized that I need to be more patient about the personals thing. I signed up on the 22nd of July, so it’s only been two weeks. I’ve had a lot of glimpses of my profile. I’ve gotten some randoms who sent me flirts or emails, but only a couple of guys whom I was mutually interested. For one reason or another, they have dropped the ball on communications. So, I got frustrated.

I had the attitude of “let them come to me”. I thought it would be better if men contacted me first, made the first move. But I got impatient. I decided that maybe it would be better if I just sent a short email to those guys I found attractive. So far, none has replied. Of course that has only been since Wednesday, so maybe I should be more patient.

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