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>So You Think You Can Dance? Have you seen this snooze fest? If it gets any kind of ratings, it’s because nothing else is on! I swear people are going, “Should I watch the weather channel or Fox?” I’ve seen two episodes and I couldn’t tell you where they held the auditions, much less anything interesting that happened in the show.

I was just watching The Soup and they keep showing clips of that Being Bobby Brown show. Has anyone seen this train wreck? I haven’t seen anything but the clips and they are nuts. It seems like Bobby Brown’s prerogative these days is his level of drunkenness. He is a walking, talking ad for sobriety. And Whitney Houston is no better. I just saw a clip of her talking about how badly she needed to take a shit. Just get your wacked out ass up and go to the bathroom. No one cares to know the intimate details of your bowel movements. Sober up and go back to singing.

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  1. Nick

    >I got so hammered once I thought Bobby Brown was holding me down and making me watch Whitney take a shit. “Get off me, New Kid!”


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