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>Real Estate help in exchange for … – m4w – 44
Date: 2005-08-08, 10:54AM PDT

I can help you buy and/or sell a house for a DEEP discount in exchange for your “friendship” during the process. Women only pls. Our “arrangement” can be discreet if necessary and will have to be on my side.

I am a successful real estate salesperson and am very serious. UB2

Dude, we can see through your lame euphemisms. His real estate skills are probably as good as his other ones.

2 thoughts on “>Real Estate Skills Available

  1. Nick

    >haha. I bet *I* could help a chick buy or sell a house in exchange for her “friendship” too! And I have zero real-estate experience. We could even remain “friends” AFTER the process. I’m nice like that.

  2. Nick

    >By the way, my “postID” for the previous post was 11235569678237727. If that’s a sequential number, people have been posting on blogger.com every second for 356 million years!


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