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>I saw this post over at one of the many blogs I frequent and it got me thinking about some of the quotes I’ve been collecting:

  1. Do ugly people know they are ugly?
  2. Patience is one of many virtues I lost in my youth.
  3. Real stalkers don’t admit that they are stalkers. That type of worry never enters their head. They think they are just in love, even after the police arrest them.
  4. Just when I think I’m pathetic, she comes back and proves us ALL wrong.
  5. What do they have in common other than bad hair?
  6. Egg foo young is the prime rib of Chinese food.
  7. You never want to leave a show in handcuffs.
  8. I don’t associate with anyone who rides the bus. It’s called the Loser Cruiser for a reason.

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