>Random Homeless Anecdotes

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>This weekend, I saw some vagabonds outside the Vagabond Inn.


Many moons ago, it was midday and Merv and I were the only ones in the office. He and I were chatting in the reception area when a homeless woman caught his eye. I look over and see her swaying on the sidewalk across the street. She stops, pulls down her pants, and takes a dump right there in front of God and everyone.

3 thoughts on “>Random Homeless Anecdotes

  1. Sierrabella

    >Just stumbled on your site…
    love it!
    Used to live in the Bay Area, so reading your posts brings back fond, and not so fond memories.

  2. Master of None

    >At least the dump was on near your office. One night I saw a lady (term used loosely) lift her dress and take a piss on my street, right beside my well-manicured Tulips!


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