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>- The Office – Did you see this one last night? Hilarious! The Yankee Swap thing was so bad. Steve Carrell’s character is just such a clueless egomaniac. I did enjoy when the guy who totally forgot to get a gift and ended up wrapping up an old flannel shirt in a grocery bag. The best part was when the gift receiver was wearing it!

– The Year Without A Santa – Santa is depressed because no one believes in him. So Jingle and Jangle go looking for some Christmas Prozac to kick Santa out of his funk. The best part is the Heat Miser/Cold Miser song. I usually stop watching after that bit, which is about half way through the show.

– South Park – The Musical Christmas episode – I enjoy the duet by Jesus and Santa. Santa gets all pissed because there are only like 3 songs about Santa and a ton about Jesus. So what does Santa do? Sing “Rio” by Duran Duran.

– TV Funhouse – Christmas Day – This show is demented, yet funny. I mean the things puppets can get away with! I enjoy when the Anipals are all high on the Christmas Cheer and roaming the streets harassing people by singing Christmas Carols.

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