>Random facts about me

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  • I’m taller than Jesus.
  • A career change to the baking industry might be in my future.
  • I never seem to drink enough water.
  • Speeding has never been a problem for me and hopefully it never will be.
  • I have recently come to realize that my fear about turning into my Aunt Edna might be coming to fruition.
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  • I will not have another pet after my cat passes on, unless I become rich enough to hire a maid to clean up the cat puke and litter box.
  • Plants do not survive long in my care.
  • I never dust unless company comes to visit.
  • My weekends are usually spent with no set plans. It’s all about decompressing from the work week.

3 thoughts on “>Random facts about me

  1. tsduff

    >Did you ever wonder why all the cats in today’s world have to throw up? Are we feeding them the wrong food, or what?


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