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>What do you think about a guy who gives you his phone number over the internet? Is he just stupid? Is he too desperate? Is he just curious to see what will happen?

I’ve had a couple guys, with whom I’ve had little to no communication, send me their phone numbers. Personally, I think they are stupid. How do they know I’m not some psycho killer or other criminal? Am I alone in thinking this? Would you give your phone number to some stranger on the internet?

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  1. indygirl

    >I think they are trying to avoid the “written portion of the test.” Rather than trade emails and prove they are deficient in written communication, they’d talk on the phone. Well, that’s always how I took it. I think it’s important to establish their skills in literacy so I always crossed them off the list. [I’m like some old pro at online dating, but hey, that’s how I met my man a year ago]

  2. Nick

    >Beleive it or not, I’m going to write a non-funny post this time. Basically, there’s no real danger anymore where giving out phone numbers are concerned over the internet. It’s actually safer than other methods because there’s an electronic trail. Don’t be overly-paranoid where psycho killers are concerned. They’re not as prevelant as advertised.


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