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>For some reason, I’ve started watching Family Guy again. Could that be the reason I’ve been feeling depressed over the past few days? I woke up in a bad mood today. I’m afraid to go online and check the status of my real estate exam. All I need is to get bad news on top of my blues.

Maybe it’s because my friend got tickets to go see Conan O’Brien in San Francisco and I can’t go because I’ve got no vacation time accrued. Although, I could call in “sick”…hmmmm.

2 thoughts on “>Pots and Pans Robots

  1. Doug

    >Avoid Family Guy. The humor is too easy. I have my TIVO set to grab a few Seinfelds every week, along with The office and Deadliest Catch (greatest reality show in history).
    Don’t start thinking about sick days unless you are going to use them. As soon as I let the thought enter my mind, even as a joke, then I do it. You just screwed my perfect week next week with this seed planting post.


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