>Politics – For governor, motorcycle license never came to mind – sacbee.com

>Arnold, ignorance of the law is not a defense.

The Sacramento Bee had this headline on it’s front page this morning that went something like “Governor rides without a license”.

Dude, how can you not have the right license? It’s right here under the DMV’s Checklist. Heck, I knew that I needed a special license for a motorcycle LONG before the internet was around. I remember learning about it in Driver’s Ed. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s on the DMV form when you apply for a license. Plus, don’t they tell you when they sell you a motorcycle that you need a special license?

What else is Arnold not aware of that most of the citizenry of California seems to know?

6 thoughts on “>Politics – For governor, motorcycle license never came to mind – sacbee.com

  1. Anti-Blogger

    >He speaks funny?

    I know, not very clever, but it is late. Check with me later, I might have it “going on” then.

  2. tsduff

    >Wow, I actually have something the GOV doesn’t? My M1 license was proudly gotten before I got to ride my Harley on the streets full time… SHAME ON YOU ARNOLD. His brain is addled from all the steriods.

  3. SFChick74

    >It’s just dumb. Kind of like those PSP commercials. Cheese you can listen to outside? Is that supposed to be funny?


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