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>My grandmother’s 80 birthday is this November. My sister came up with the idea that we should have a mini-family reunion and celebrate the occasion in Vegas. Now, it has fallen on my shoulders to plan the whole thing.

Of course, no one can decide on a date. Initially, we had decided on the weekend after Thanksgiving, but the thought of having to travel on that Sunday makes me ill.

Then we have to figure out where to have dinner. I’m sure whatever I choose, no one will like.

How did I get roped into this?!?

3 thoughts on “>Planning a party

  1. Doug

    >At some time in the past you must have proven yourself worthy. Thats the main problem with doing a good job as it sets future expectations too high. I’m sure you’ll be creative and plan something fun and worthy of an 80 year olds Vegas fling.

  2. ajooja

    >The timing sucks, but a trip to Vegas sounds great anytime.

    We’re trying to get one together too. I’d imagine our activities will be a little different than Grandmas. 🙂


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