>The Pill Scares Me

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>Messing around with hormones frightens and confuses me. Women are supposed to have periods. There is a biological reason for them. These commercials for Yaz skeeve me out. It would be one thing if they were aimed towards women who have unusually heavy periods that practically put them out of commission, but on the whole that is a small percentage of the population.

It’s like the pharmacuetical companies are trying to create these panics. I’ve got a period! Let me take a pill and cure it! I might have Adult ADD! Let me get a pill to cure it. I might have one of those statistically improbable ailments! Give me a pill!

Don’t fall for the advertising, please.

2 thoughts on “>The Pill Scares Me

  1. Nick

    >Where legal drugs are concerned, my policy has always been that if my body is not begging for me to take something to help it (ie, horrible headache, bad cold, etc.), I don’t take it.


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