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>I can’t take it anymore. Who the hell is in charge over at PG&E? They have been working on some mysterious project around my office for the past 3 YEARS. They have ripped up the same three places in the street and sidewalk at least 5 times. You would think that after the 2nd time they would have fixed whatever the hell it is they are trying to fix. It’s like the Winchester Mystery House of public utilities.

The streets of this neighborhood are so crappy now, you need a four wheel drive just to go a few blocks. Not only is PG&E to blame, add to that the complete neglect by the City of the numerous potholes caused by regular wear and tear.

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  1. kenbob

    >Glad I’m not the only one with pot-holed streets. Every winter the asphalt breaks up I play dodge the holes. If you win you don’t have to get a wheel alignment.


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