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>I went to Safeway to get some dinner. I didn’t have any real idea what I was going to get, but I figured, it’s a grocery store, I’ve got to be able to come up with something.

Finally, I settled on a sandwich from the deli. I stand back from the line looking at the menu, trying to decide what I want. There is a couple in line in front of me. I’m not really paying attention, but it seemed like they were just getting a loaf of bread. Why these people couldn’t just go to the bread aisle is beyond me.

I decide on roast beef. I move into the line and wait. There is one woman helping the couple. The worker says that someone will be over in a moment to help me. The Man Customer is on his phone and kinda doing that antsy wandering dance thing like he’s bored. I finally realize the Woman Customer is ordering sandwiches, not a loaf of bread. Mind you, I stood there for about three minutes before I got in line to order, trying to decide what I wanted and these two were there the whole time.

The Woman Customer takes her sweet time trying to figure out what meat and cheese she wants on the two sandwiches she is ordering. WC is also being OVERLY nice to the people working there. It’s like she knows she’s being a pain in the ass, but doesn’t want them to get mad at her, so she tries to sweet talk her way into their good graces, i.e. don’t spit in my food. Maybe she was trying to get something for free. Who knows.

Another worker comes over to help and asks me what I want. I made the typical gesture to ensure MC wasn’t waiting. MC just ignored me and continued to “holla” at the person on the other end of the line. So, I proceed to place my order when WC interrupts me, “He was waiting first.”

Jesus Christ, anyone with an ounce of sense would not have assumed MC was going to order a sandwich. He didn’t even act like he was waiting for a worker to help him. He just kept holla-ering on the phone.

MC proceeds to take as much time as WC to order his grilled pastrami. How freaking hard is it to order a sandwich? Add to the fact that the workers were slower than shit. How freaking hard is it to make a sandwich?

I was just about to leave when a third worker came up and helped me. I was in and out with my sandwich and WC still hadn’t gotten her order done!

I also hate people who are CONSTANTLY on the phone. I can understand if you are wandering around the store chatting, but if you get in line hang the hell up. Give the person who works the shitty job the courtesy of your attention. Hell, chat with them if you are intent on jabbering on about nothing.

2 thoughts on “>Petty Annoyance

  1. Nick

    >I’ve seen places of business that actually have signs up that say “If you’re on the phone, we won’t help you.” The first time I saw that I thought it was awesome.


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