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>Something I enjoy watching from time to time is a cable access show. San Francisco has one cable access channel that can be very random. Sometimes it shows video of a pair of dogs just playing in a park with rap music over it. Other times, it’s karaoke at a local bar that you can call in and sing along with. Who wouldn’t want to sing “You Give Love a Bad Name” at 10:00 p.m. on a Wednesday from the comfort of their own home? I don’t think it would cure insomnia, but it will entertain you.

Once in a while, something disturbing will be on the cable access channel. There will be some dude touting the vegan lifestyle. A word to the wise, if you want me to convert to your way of life or belief system, showing graphic images of cows being slaughtered is not going to win me over. If anything, it’s going to make me change the channel and miss your message. Tell me the positive things that I can get out of your veganism. Aside from weight loss, I really can’t imagine what else they would be, but that’s why you have a cable access show right?

I mean God forbid someone should do a Wayne’s World type show. I did see one show (not in San Francisco, of course) that was a video show. It reminded me of the old days when MTV would show videos. This guy would show music videos from bands like Dio, Ted Nugent, and Cinderella, as well as go out and interview them if they were in town on tour.

I would probably do something like the video show if I had a cable access show. Since no one seems to play the damn things anymore, it would be a nice change. I would play old stuff from the 80s and a select few current songs, as well as up and coming local bands. I’ll tell you this; there would be no way I’d play a Hoobastank or Limp Bizkit video. Give me a break. I would play something by Silvertide though. I just picked up that CD recently and it has some great songs on it.

Or maybe I’d do the all puppies and kittens show. Something soothing for adults and kids alike, something you could fall asleep to. It would be kind of like the Yule Log during Christmas, but instead of a fireplace with a roaring fire and Christmas carols, you would see a basket of sleeping puppies or kittens at play with soothing instrumentals over it.

I mean who doesn’t like puppies and kittens? Aside from the serial killers I mean…

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