>Orange is not the new pink.

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I love these shoes. They’re pink and from Target. The only problem is that I haven’t found a way to polish pink shoes. When they get scuffed up (and they have), I have no way to clean them.

Also, I have to wear either pantyhose or knee-hi’s with them. I had on knee-hi’s today and the left one kept slipping down my calf. Half way through the day I looked like Thelma Harper from Mama’s Family.

Walking in heels is not my strength. Wobbling is not a problem, but I don’t walk like a woman wearing pumps. I walk like someone wearing sneakers. Yes, I used the word sneakers.

11 thoughts on “>Orange is not the new pink.

  1. Petra

    >Maybe a shoe polisher that’s neutral – I use one of those and it works just as well for black as for brown shoes. So maybe it’d work for you.

  2. gusgreeper

    >ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i have pink shoes and i stupidly lent them to some stupid bitch and she scuffed them up bad needless to say i killed her but like WHAT DO I DO??? i can’t fix them i hate her.


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