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>Insurance companies are near the top of the corporate evil scale, second only to oil and energy companies.

Health insurance companies in particular get my goat. Today, I sat through one of those forms of office torture known as an “Open Enrollment Webcast”. Mostly, it’s boring as hell; however, if you read the explanation of benefits carefully, you will see the evil.

At one point, the HR guy actually said, “If the claim form has no diagnosis, then you will be covered 100%”. So going to the doctor because you are sick means you don’t get as much coverage, but going to the doctor because you are healthy gets full coverage. That makes all the sense in the world.

Of course insurance companies and HR hacks call it “preventative care”. The reality is that they know you won’t go to the doctor if you are healthy. You only go to the doctor if you feel ill or get hurt.

The Bee had an article about the new state regulations that prevent insurance companies from illegally canceling policies. Good old Kaiser and Blue Cross have already had fines levied against them.

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