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>I just got back from a trip to Vegas and have nothing to show for it except blisters on my feet. We walked from here:

To here for two days in a row:

I went to the Desert Passage at the Aladdin (soon to be the Planet Hollywood hotel/resort) after my 2.5 mile walk from Treasure Island to New York New York. As I rested my weary feet, a group of young adults planted themselves on the giant white leather sofa/bed thing in front of me. One of the females was the token obnoxious loud mouth (OLM). You know the type of girl I’m talking about. The drunker she gets, the more annoying she gets. She has three inch brown roots sticking out of her blonde hair. Her voice borders on Fran Drescher annoying. She wears ass floss, jeans and no belt.

OLM and a guy who looked like “Oh Face” of Office Space skipped down the avenue to get some booze and cards for their companions. OLM screeched the entire time. It was like a homing beacon. They returned with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of cards and proceeded to do shots right there in the middle of the mall.

  • The public bathrooms near the high limit slots at the Paris casino are the best. It’s like getting your own private room.
  • Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill is too yuppie and not cowboy enough.
  • The Buffet at the Wynn is the only Vegas buffet where I’ve ever seen game hen offered to the diners. The risotto was pretty good, too.
  • The Wynn is the Bellagio for the new millennium. The feeling and the design are very similar. I do enjoy that all strollers are banned from its premises.

What is needed in Vegas:

More drink holders in the bathroom. New York New York gets it. Everyone else needs to catch up.

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  1. Un-Named

    >i think the only reason i would ever go to vegas is to see the star trek rides. of course every week i watch a tv show where there are so many grizzly murders in vegas, that’s probably what is keeping me away.


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