>On an Unrelated Note

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>Woo Hoo! I reached the Van Halen page view level (5150). Someone came here looking for the listerine story.

I also got a new job! I start on Monday. It’s in the same industry I was in previously (real estate). I like to discribe my old office as Glen Garry Glenross: the Comedy. I’m hoping things will be even more fun at this new place. It’s alot more corporate than my old job, but my supervisor is pretty cool, so I have a good feeling about it. On to the next search…a home of my own!

I was thinking today…are there people who actually choose not to sit in a booth at a restaurant if given a choice? Why? I think a booth is alot more comfortable than a crappy wooden chair.

End of the random report…more to come tomorrow.

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