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>Someone sent this memo around my friend’s office. I think this is a case of taking your job way too seriously. My comments are in red.

Good Afternoon,

We have had two occasions now with employee(s) falling asleep in training class while a session is in progress. We had 15 employees present today and THREE employees fell asleep.

Below I have listed my training concerns about this.

  • Our company provides work time to enhance our skills and gain knowledge etc., so why are our employees falling asleep? Easy, because you are boring and so is the topic.
  • I have looked at all areas within our training room from lighting, providing food, duration of training and even taking the monitors off the workstation to allow more visibility. The temperature today was adjusted a little due to it getting cold but other than that I cannot possibly find anything wrong with our training environment. More proof that it’s you.
  • When our classes are scheduled we take a head count so we know how many classes to hold if needed. If the demand is high then we will start a wait list and schedule a class for the following weeks/month. For example, if I have an employee that falls asleep in class then what is the employee present for? I could have filled the seat with an employee that is on the wait list. Listen honey, employees don’t have a choice. They have to go to training or get fired. Don’t kid yourself. This isn’t some cool elective like underwater basket weaving. This is TPS report training or whatever.
  • What about our employee sitting next to the employee snoring. We talk about respecting our time in the training room, cell phone usage etc. (same intro I use for all our classes), do we really understand it? Not to get all Dr. Phil here, but what’s the constant in these situations? You are the one leading the training. Boring speaker plus boring topic equals students asleep.

When class ended today, I did speak with the group and let them know that this is neither the time or place to take a nap. If you are going to go off on people sleeping in training, you might want to check your grammar before sending out a dissertation on the subject. As always if I ever need to talk to an employee during training time I will notify his/her supervisor so you are aware. What the hell does that mean? How many times did you edit this piece before sending it out? None?

Training is what we make it…. We want to continue to make it great! Obviously it’s not that great if people are falling asleep in class. So, I am asking you for your support and help. Talk with your employees and let them know that our training time is valuable. This will not be tolerated in the training room.

If you have questions, please call me directly.

“Um, yeah. Hi Peter. Lumberg here. You fell asleep in TPS Report training so I have to send out a 7 paragraph memo to the rest of the office making sure they are aware of the obvious.” My advice to whoever wrote this memo is to get a life. Spend more time with your kids or enriching your pathetic life in some way.

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