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>Come to nudist dance… – 30
am a 30 year old educational consultant attending a nudist dance tonight. Should be 200-300 people there and it will be a blast. I am looking for a girl or girls to accompany. Nudity is optional, although many will be nude. THis will cost you nothing and drinks are on me. The event is about 20 minutes from Sac in Wilton.

You should be laid back, funny, smart. This is not an ad for sex and we are not going to a swingers club. There is no sexual behavior or unwanted comeons allowed here, just good people of all ages, drinks and music.

If you are interested, call me at . It might be a good idea to be near my age 20-35 as i imagine we will have more fun is we are peers of some kind.

I will be on the road to Sac, so calling me is the best, and we can chat and see if we hit it off. If you are a guy, please don’t call me about the party, only I can bring guests.

Yeah right there’s no sex involved. If that were true, why would you care about a guy wanting to go along? I’d say this is more along the lines of a psycho looking for a target. Would anyone be gullible enough to call this freak?

2 thoughts on “>Nude Dance?

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >Looking for a peer eh? Sounds like he’s into watersports too.

    Yeah, I know–too gross and too easy.

    Sometimes I disgust myself

    Then I say “Hey! I’m a Pirate!”



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