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>I’m not really a cat person either. Pets are just a source of dirt and stress for me. Animals are cute and fuzzy, but I’m not fooled by their outward appearances anymore.

My upstairs neighbors have one of those kick-size dogs that bark incessantly. How the hell can you live with that constant irritation? The thing barked for 20 minutes without stopping.

After like 2 minutes, I would have lost it and punted that thing out the door. Why would you even get a dog like that? At least big dogs stay quiet unless something provokes them like a rogue squirrel.

4 thoughts on “>Not a dog person

  1. Mara

    >I’m an animal lover, but I totally feel you with the “kick-sized” dogs. That made me laugh. Our neighbor recently got a chihuahua and it does the same thing! Incessant barking for no reason. I got one of those outdoor dog bark deterrents that look like a birdhouse but then it just scared the crap out of my own Labrador when the rat dog barked. And the rat dog just barked in single syllables instead of constant barking. Too bad they don’t make deterrents that could go through ceilings. Stupid barky dogs. Good luck. 🙂

  2. Nick

    >I concur that “kick-size” is an excellent adjective to describe dogs. My brother and his fiance have FOUR if you can believe that. And one that’s just a little bigger. So yeah, 5 total. It’s ridiculous.

  3. SFChick74

    >Good lord, 5 little dogs? Do they live on a farm or what?

    I think maybe those kick size dogs are so in-bred that they are a little bit nutty in the brain which causes their annoying barking habits.

  4. SFChick74

    >By the way, I think my upstairs neighbors are just annoying in and of themselves.

    Aside from the dog barking, they are super loud. Heavy walkers, sounds like they are constantly moving furniture, slamming doors, throwing shoes…freaking troglodytes.


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