>Not another one!

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>Another big ass storm is supposed to make its way to NorCal tomorrow. Supposedly it won’t be as bad as the one early in January that wreaked havoc across the state.

I was scanning through this article about tomorrow’s storm when this little blurb caught my eye:

Pressure at the core of the Jan. 4 storm dropped to 956 millibars — as low as a Category 3 hurricane. For perspective, average sea level pressure on a calm day is about 1,013 millibars.

Central pressure in this weekend’s storm is forecast to drop to 979 millibars Saturday afternoon, computer models issued late Thursday morning showed. While that’s not as deep as the Jan. 4 storm, this weekend’s low is also expected to ride a powerful jet stream right through Northern California. The Jan. 4 storm core passed over Vancouver Island, nearly 1,000 miles farther north.

See! I said it was a damn hurricane! National Weather Service or the National Hurricane Center, we’ve already had Hurricane Alma, so mark it off your freaking list!

2 thoughts on “>Not another one!

  1. SFChick74

    >The damn media blustered about the storm and it wasn’t that bad. It rained alot, which we need, but the wind wasn’t as bad as they predicted.


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