>Normal Life Over for Protesting Mother – Yahoo! News

>This woman is from my hometown. We probably went to the same church, shopped at the same Safeway or Target. I didn’t go to school with her son. I graduated the year before they moved into town. The reality of it is that this could be the mother of one of my friends, instead of Cindy Sheehan. It’s strange to see my home town on national news. This is the place of the Onion Festival. This is where the Wooz used to be. This is small town Northern California, far from the hustle of Sacramento and the bustle of San Francisco. The Nut Tree was all that we were quasi-famous for, a memory since 1996. A ghostly road stop on the way to Tahoe.

Growing up, I always saw Vacaville a conservative enclave. It’s small town thinking was everywhere. Most residents seemed very military/government oriented. Probably due to the fact that Travis Air Force Base is nearby. So, when I see that the current anti-war spokesperson is from my hometown, I get thrown for a loop. The place I couldn’t wait to get out of because it was suffocating me with it’s right-wing principals is now a rallying point for liberals. It’s a bizarro world. Up is down, left is right and Arriana Huffington has become liberal. When the hell did that happen?

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