>No One Ever Said I Was Cool

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>Somehow I caught the flu. Maybe it’s the West Nile. I mean I do live in Sacramento, CA and was bitten twice by a mosquito in the past few weeks. Nah, It’s just the flu.

While I chafe my nose from all the snot flowing out of it, I’ll be watch all Christmas all the time on QVC. That’s what I call it anyway. It’s the perfect thing to soothe me right to sleep. That and a nice serving of Nyquil. I don’t know about you, but I need a break from Hurricane/Apocalypse Watch 2005.

2 thoughts on “>No One Ever Said I Was Cool

  1. Mad Munkey

    >Sorry, I had to chuckle with your line Hurricane/Apocalypse watch. I’ve wondered myself that lately. I think California and San Andreas must be coming soon. I just hope FEMA and the govt. gets it’s act together in time to save people.


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