>No McNuggets for me.

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>McDonald’s will soon be starting up the Monopoly Game promotion again. Every time I see this thing come around, I am reminded of the FBI sting from a few years ago. Don’t remember that? Apparently some dude spent the better part of 10 years using the Monopoly Game (and various other promotions) at McDonald’s to bankroll his own personal wealth. He worked for the marketing firm (Simon Worldwide) that oversaw the promotion and used friends and relatives to score the money. Nice controls on that Mickey D.

Do you think McDonald’s has better oversight on their promotions now? One would hope the Marketing Store learned from the mistakes made by Simon Worldwide, but maybe those odds are the same as winning one of the million dollar prizes.

FYI – The guy behind the scam cost 200 people their jobs by putting a company out of business and only had to spend 37 months in prison.

1 thought on “>No McNuggets for me.

  1. Nick

    >37 months is a while. I can put WAY more than 200 people out of jobs in 37 months. I can sometimes do it with two lines of code…


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