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>This morning, I was standing in my old office training the new girl, Joanne. It was quiet moment and in the background I could hear the conversation of a few guys in the office. At this point, it’s all white noise to me, except of course power words like, “penis” “sex” and “free beer”.

Anyway, something the guys said caught Joanne’s ear because all of the sudden, she runs out of the room and yells at them, “All right, who in here is Amish?!?”

3 thoughts on “>New Catch Phrase

  1. indygirl

    >Please, please, please let your new job have so many great characters.

    Was it an accusitory “All right, who in [the hell] here is Amish?!?” or a raise-the roof type “All right! Who in here is Amish? Hooty hoo?!?”


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